Our story started with a friend’s wedding.

The majestically large pear tree, plopped in the middle of the wedding site, needed some flare, and a light source as the guests celebrated the night away.

“Can you make something that fits with the casual but elegant theme and pop some candles in so we can see too?” asks the bride?

Easy peasy!  Simple little rose bowls, each with a candle and twisted into dripping wire spirals with delicate beading would soon hang elegantly from the branches.  Lighting solution, décor solution and a take home wedding favour!

The problem was, people wanted more than one. That’s how we started twisting wire on just about everything we could find.  Just Twisted became the original signature line at POSH!

Originally Sharing our creations at juried local artisan markets , our Just Twisted line of glass and stainless steel “upcycled” goodies have become an entertaining staple with our customer base.

But we had so many more ideas and no place to put them… the only way to share them all was to create a permanent shop.   We create much of our own product, and our fussy shopper can always find something truly unique on our shelves. We believe in supporting the small business artisan and carry wonderful treasures, created by hand, just waiting for you to find.

Many of our artisans have stories just like ours. Spend some time in the shop and we will share them with you! The coolest part is that most of these small businesses are run by women. We like this part the best because when you shop at POSH you are helping some local.

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