Our Story

What 's Our Story?

Every great idea begins with a story. For us, it all started at a friend’s wedding.

During my years of working in Vancouver’s financial software industry, I was longing to reconnect with my creative side. So, when a friend asked for my help solving a wedding problem, I was eager to lend a hand.

In the middle of this wedding’s open-air reception venue was a majestic old tree, desperately in need of some wedding-appropriate attire. I decided to dress it up with hanging glass bowls, hand embellished using wire, beads and candles, transforming an ordinary tree into a magical, softly lit centerpiece.

At the end of the night, guests were encouraged to take home a glass bowl from the tree. But they didn’t want just one or two—they wanted to recreate the full effect in their own gardens and patios. I was taking orders for days after the wedding, and so our best-selling signature product line Just Twisted was born. One retirement and a cross-country move later, the POSH! store moved from Vancouver to Halifax, and our team still works to transform everyday things into home décor wonders on the Halifax Waterfront.


Our Story