Change the way you sleep zzzzzz

Dec 15 , 2019

Change the way you sleep zzzzzz

As recently seen on Dragon's Den, HUSH blankets are available in stock at POSH!


Go from Anxiety to Calm while you sleep...

Stress and Anxiety not only wear us out but they've been shown to negatively impact our overall health. Weighted blankets help us combat the negative impact stress and anxiety have on our lives, our sleep patterns, and everything in between.

psychological symptoms caused by stress. 76% is a lot! Luckily, a weighted blanket from Hush has been scientifically shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety through its natural cortisol reduction effect to go from stress and anxiety to calm.


Weighted pressure has been used for autism treatment in hospitals and long-term care institutions for years, and guess what. It helps us sleep!

I took one home and tried it for a week. I always had a time turning off my brain and would lay awake for hours some nights. So, I'm convinced and would recommend to others.

Queen 20Lb size is by far the most popular. Select a cozy, removable cover, or a cool lightweight choice for hot sleepers, and hot flash moments. #bettersleep #hushcanada #poshblanket #sleepbetter

Drop into our Historic Properties location and check one out, bout business, trends, news, and more.


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