Meet Monique Ingalls from Salt Air Collections

Oct 02 , 2020

Meet Monique Ingalls from Salt Air Collections

Monique and her husband Leo have embraced the space of creating high-quality Nova Scotian keepsakes.

“It’s part of the moral foundation of Salt Air Collections to fill the demand for locally made products that can be relied on for quality.

Encapsulated in every piece, is the influence of the Nova Scotian scenery and culture’”

Monique;s intention is to project a genuine representation of what it means to be from Nova Scotia.   She creates the perfect gift to send to family members missing home or those visitors who want a memorable, locally-made glimpse of the province after they return home.

Monique and Leo take pride in making these products because they know that Canadians want products that come from home, and our visitors are more discriminating  than ever before.